2013 Caribbean Cruise

Note videos have a red outline, photos a gray outline.


In November, we decided to take a relaxing cruise to the Caribbean. We selected Tampa as our departure city because Tampa was much less expensive than the other cities. We flew to Tampa a day early and stayed at a local Marriott for free (thanks to Marriott points). Here is a map of our trip.
Our first stop was in Honduras. I was initially apprehensive about going to Honduras until I learned that we were going to the Roatan Islands. These are islands that are off the coast of Honduras that is used for cruise ships. When we got off the boat, we were taken by bus to a small beach resort that had Caribbean music and an all-you-can-eat barbecue. Good times in the sun.
Our next stop was Belize. Almost everyone on the boat went to the beach. A small number of us took the trip inland to Lamanai to see the ruins.
It was a long trip inland. We took a bus to a boat. Access to Lamani is only by boat, and it was a very nice ride.
During the boat ride the guide suddenly said, “OK, put on your rain parkas!” Everyone on the boat looked at each other with puzzlement. The guide, Janet and Rich were the only ones on the boat with a rain parka! And then the sky opened up...
Rich had to climb to the top of every pyramid!
The next stop was Costa Maya. The boat was docked at the end of a long pier, so they had a shuttle bus to take us into town. They had a lot of shopping, a pool and activities in the town, but Rich and Janet went to see the ruins at Chacchoben.
Next stop Cozumel! This time we were not the only ones to see the ruins at Tulum.
Then back to the boat for the ride back to Tampa.