The San Gennaro Feast 2011

Note videos have a blue outline, photos a gray outline.


First we went to the Most Precious Blood Church where they have the statue of San Gennaro.

Then on to the feast! It was very crowded because we went on Saturday night. I was a little disappointed because no one wanted to see the headless woman with me! ;)

Janet wanted to play one of the games. In this game, you get to throw ping-pong balls on a table covered with small fishbowls. If you get a ball in, you win a goldfish. I told Janet, "What are you going to do if you win?" She said that she really didn't want a goldfish, but wanted to play.

Soon we have a goldfish! She kept playing... Now we have two goldfish!

We gave the goldfish to the parents of a child that did not win the game. The kid was very happy.